Chip Hudson ascribes his passion for design to having spent much of his childhood on construction sites with his father. Hudson's father owned his own business in the construction industry in their hometown of Prattville, Al. So it is no surprise that Hudson absolutely loves what he does.

He is a proud father of two, McKinley and Triston. And Triston is now following in his father's footsteps to be among the next generation of home designers.
Where a Plan becomes your Home
Hudson has always felt that designing is far more than simply sketching out a set of plans, but rather  it is creating a home for someone. Hudson contributes much of his success to his clients and their continued support and patronage. He  is thrilled to work within an industry that allows him to bring joy into an individual's life for generations to come. Hudson is passionate about his work and he takes pride in drafting custom home designs that will turn your dream home into a reality.
Hudson has made it a priority to evolve with the ever changing style, products, and resources that are constantly being introduced into the construction world. Serving for over 3 years as the President of the Alabama Society (American Institute of Building Design) and currently serving as the Eastern Regional Director of the great organization has provided Hudson the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the industry's leading minds in innovation and home design. Hudson has taught 3-D technology at Chattahoochee Valley Community College. He is also a authorized distributor for Artlantis and Graphisoft U.S.A.
When Hudson is not designing he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. pursues his love for the sport of paintball with his son. Hudson also enjoys crafting and repurposing furniture.
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