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ArchiCad Version 18
ArchiCad Version 19
ArchiCad Version 20

Our training and support sessions are done over the phone, remote Online screen sharing or onsite office training our place or yours. Either way we are here to help.
Where a Plan becomes your Home

Our support time is sold in 2 hour time blocks. What this also means, we do our absolute best to make ourselves available to you when you need us, in most cases during the the time you first contact us or we will work diligently to resolve your issue within 24 hours. As a designer we know most issues come during the middle of a project or in a crisis of meeting a time sensitive deadline. Time is only deducted when you use it and any remaining time will never expire if not used. We make it our guarantee that if we are unable to resolve your issue we will credit back the time we have spent which you will be able to use at later time on another issue. Typically we will create a screen share session so that we can visually see the specific issue you have. This also allows you to perform the steps as we coach you through so the knowledge becomes yours to keep and use in the future.

Teach you best practices we have learned and implemented over 16 years using the software.
How to use common and special tools within the workspace.
Organize standards and help develop effective templates to use moving forward.
Basic how to's making your experience more pleasurable.
Design and develope custom objects and GDL scripts for your specific needs to use within your organization.
Answer the why and how with a Specific issue.

Information you may or may not know?

Profile Manager:
• Why does it matter which direction I use to create a custom profile?
• How important is it to work from the global origin?
• When creating a 9' profile why should I only make it 6" tall?
• What are the Benefits of using the Beam or wall property when they both carry most of the same settings?
• When saving a project to use as a template should I use the .pln or .tpl?
• I have multiple stations and would like a simple solution to keep all of our custom libraries updated and synced across all stations.
• Utilizing independent worksheets to expand office standards across multiple stations and have all projects updated as content, notes, details are changed or added.
• How do I setup a BIM Server on my local machine?
• How do I implement QR images to link to BIMX projects?
• What are benefits using a dedicated server or a simple NAS?

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